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SHAK BSA Venture Crew 2992 Meeting

  • 27 Nov 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • SHAK front room

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SHAK BSA Venture Crew is open to teen boys and girls between 14 and 20 years of age.  The crew will set their own course to discover more about different career paths, adventures, service projects and more.

Venturing is adventure with a purpose. It fosters positive attitudes toward service while helping young adults to develop camaraderie and leadership skills—and most of all to have FUN! The positive experiences enjoyed by young people in Venturing crews can help them mature and develop into responsible, caring adults. They provide service to the community while also pursuing their special interests through exciting and meaningful activities. Venturing is based on a unique, dynamic relationship between Venturers, adult leaders and mentors, and local community organizations. Venturing allows the youth that you serve to explore their unique interests.

Examples might include: • Backpacking • Drama club • Robotics • Conducting summer programs for children • Rock climbing • Job shadowing to learn from local professionals • Service-oriented projects • Participating in historical reenactments

There are no “typical” Venturing crews. It’s about what happens to young people as they lead and serve others, and as they grow and learn from that experience. Many times Venturing takes place outdoors but it can also happen indoors. Venturing is whatever you make it, and each Venturing crew is different

Crew Leaders: Todd Spencer & Robert Hjelmeland

SHAK Chartered Organization Representative & Host: Susan Alexander

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